Re: [code] [textadept] How can I save the window size before quitting?

From: cryo shock <>
Date: Wed, 8 Mar 2017 13:52:33 +0100

2017-03-03 4:43 GMT+01:00 Carl Sturtivant <>:

> Hello Mitchell,
> I'm wondering if this is the "right" behavior. An alternative would be to
> open with existing settings and add any additional files from the command
> line in additional tabs. Is there some reason this behavior is not that
> exhibited currently?
> Right now opening a file from the command line has the effect of losing
> the current state of editing completely if textadept isn't already open, an
> act not trivial to reverse that could easily be done accidentally.

Same was true for starting TA with a shortcut to it's main .exe or by
starting TA by opening a file.
The saved session windows size was only restored when starting TA by its
main .exe.

> On 3/2/2017 8:36 PM, Mitchell wrote:
>> Hi Carl,
>> On Thu, 2 Mar 2017, Carl Sturtivant wrote:
>> Hello,
>>> Looks like on windows this is broken if you open a file from the command
>>> line. If you run from the command line without a filename on the command
>>> line it works, but not if you supply a filename, when it reverts to a small
>>> window.
>> This is the expected behavior, as loading a file from the command line
>> does not restore the previous session (where window size is saved).
>> If you prefer to have a larger default size, you can put the following in
>> *~/.textadept/init.lua*:
>> events.connect(events.INITIALIZED, function()
>> ui.size = {800, 600} -- width, height
>> end)
>> Cheers,
>> Mitchell
Thanks. That's what I was looking for!

Cheers, Sebastian

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