[code] [textadept] spawn() in Win with quoted strings

From: Giovanni Salmeri <g.salmeri.att.mondodomani.org>
Date: Sat, 11 Mar 2017 18:07:41 +0100

Hello everybody.

There is something in spawn in Win that I don't understand. I have to
spawn a program with two filenames as arguments. This works:

spawn('path/program.exe path/file1 path/file2')

But I should quote both the name of the program and those of each of the
files, because it is possible that they contain spaces. Now, this
does *not* work:

spawn('"path/program.exe" "path/file1" "path/file2"')

But if I quote either the name of the program or the names of the
files, it does work like expected:

spawn('path/program.exe "path/file1" "path/file2"')
spawn('"path/program.exe" path/file1 path/fil2e')

It seems very strange to me... (If it is of interest, the program is in
Python, generated by pyinstaller, and uses the module argparse.) Any
hints or suggestions? Thank you!

Giovanni Salmeri
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