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Date: Thu, 16 Mar 2017 10:27:00 -0400

Sébastien (and all),

Oops, clicked send by mistake... (or maybe I hit enter? I hit something by
mistake ;-)

Anyway, thanks for your reply--a little more below.

On Thursday, March 16, 2017 10:14:58 AM wrote:
> On Thursday, March 16, 2017 02:52:29 AM Robert Gieseke wrote:
> > Am 16/03/17 um 02:11 schrieb
> > > On Wednesday, March 15, 2017 09:05:06 PM wrote:
> > >> On Wednesday, March 15, 2017 06:03:04 PM dmccunney wrote:
> > >>> What kind of files are they, and what sort of editing do you do?
> > >>
> > >> Maybe to answer your question more directly, it is marked up text,
> > >> with some links (that are highlighted but don't actually work within
> > >> Kate or nedit).
> > >
> > > I guess I could add that the text is broken up into records which are
> > > analogous to a web or TWiki page. In the nedit files, the record
> > > header is custom, in the Kate files (and for the future scintilla
> > > files) the record header is basically an mbox email header (including
> > > the From line)--thus, I can also view those records as emails in an
> > > email client (e.g., kmail).
> >
> > You could also consider building something similar with Textadept, e.g.
> > on opening your wiki file show a list of headers using Textredux[1],
> > then edit them one by one but still save them in your single-file
> > format. You could overlay all short cuts like open, save for your
> > extension.

I've started looking at Textredux at least a little, I'll have to read it more
than once--I guess you're saying I can have the mbox headers displayed and
then navigate to any individual record (and then, of course, edit it (or
not))--if so that should be very useful--I've only found one email client (I
think it was nail) that lets me edit an email / record, which is something I
need to do. (But maybe it should be a COW approach, especially for real
emails (received by me).

One key piece before I switch to any scintilla based editor is to get a lexer
written--I have been struggling / fooling around with that for longer than I
care to admit.

Having responded to your email gives me a chance to to mention that I also
have full text search capability that can isolate individual records in both
the nedit, kate (and it will work in scintilla based editors as well)--in
nedit it is something I cobbled together as nedit macros. In kate (and any
other editor) I can use recoll to isolate specific records / emails as long as
the files are in mbox format and include the mbox From line as well as at least
the Subject:, From:, and Date: headers typical of an email.

If I ever get my lexer built, I'll certainly look more closely at Textredux.

Randy Kramer

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