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On Thursday, March 16, 2017 01:36:19 PM dmccunney wrote:
> On Wed, Mar 15, 2017 at 9:05 PM, <> wrote:
> > On Wednesday, March 15, 2017 06:03:04 PM dmccunney wrote:
> >> On Wed, Mar 15, 2017 at 5:40 PM, <> wrote:
> >> > But I guess you're saying I should not consider TextAdept?
> >>
> >> It can slurp up a file that big, so the issue is accurately viewing
> >> line numbers, and that appears doable. I'm just bemused at the notion
> >> of editing files that large.
> >
> > Works for me--but I'd like it better when I get a lexer for scintilla
> > and, among other things, avoid the ending markup.
> Okay. I understand what you're doing, and why you would want to edit
> files that large.

Good, that was my main intent--I sort of got carried away with going into more
detail than was necessary, and carrying this discussion further than it needs
to go (but that won't stop me from going a little further ;-)

> It sounds like you've essentially been able to configure editors you
> use to display individual nodes of your wiki using folding so you can
> zoom in on the bits you want to edit. If it works for you, splendid,
> but my instinct is to not keep everything in one huge file, and use a
> tool that displays and permits update of wiki content, like a browser.
> It's not something I'd try to contort an editor into doing.

Yeah, it seemed like the best approach 15 years ago, (oh, almost 17 years
now), and I'm not really unhappy with it except for not getting a scintilla
lexer so I can switch away from kate (and have a broader choice of editors--
i.e., any that use scintilla).

(Far aside: I did / do have plans to have an online TWiki website (WikiLearn)
as sort of a sister to this offline thingie, with eventually the ability to
automatically create (or modify) pages on the TWiki from content in this
thingie (with some records marked private which would not create pages on the
TWiki), and vice versa, when someone else modifies one of those pages on
WikiLearn, recognize and capture the changes to this thingie. (I sometimes
call this thingie "askRhk", but if I ever make it publicly available, I'll
surely use a different name.)

> TextAdept can slurp up a file that big. An area that might bite
> would be syntax highlighting. I don't know what TA's particular
> limits might be, but I've seen issues elsewhere where syntax
> highlighting imposes progressively larger performance hits as the size
> of the source file you want to highlight grows, with recommendations
> that you limit the amount of the file you want highlighting applied to
> in consequence.

Yes, highlighting could be a problem. It has been a negligible problem in
nedit (where my biggest files still exist), and, so far, not noticable in kate
(with considerably smaller files).

Iir/uc, scintilla does sort of a just in time highlighting--it highlights from
any change to the end of the visible region "immediately" (for some definition
of visible region), and then continues through the remainder of the document
as a background task.

Further, the remainder of the document is the wrong phrase--lexing continues
until it sees that highlighting is back "in sync" (in some sense--i.e., iiuc,
the highlighting just "calculated" for a line matches the highlighting stored
(in RAM) for that line).

In my files, highlighting essentially starts over at each record boundary, so
I'd expect the highlighting to get back in sync at least at each record
boundary, so I'd expect highlighting after a change to be required at most
only to the next record boundary. <I should edit that sentence ;-) >

So, the main delay is only at loading of a new file, and I tend (and intend) to
keep the appropriate files open for long periods (e.g., as long as my computer
is up between reboots, which, generally, is months (or occasional crashes of
kate, or even more rare crashes of nedit)).

(I may be misremembering some of the details about how scintilla lexes and
folds--perhaps the business of only lexing the visible region or only until it
resyncs is only planned at this time, but I'm fairly sure it is implemented.)

Anyway, thanks for the opportunity for this discussion!

Randy Kramer

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