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From: dmccunney <>
Date: Thu, 16 Mar 2017 18:10:19 -0400

On Thu, Mar 16, 2017 at 3:15 PM, <> wrote:
> On Thursday, March 16, 2017 01:36:19 PM dmccunney wrote:

>> It sounds like you've essentially been able to configure editors you
>> use to display individual nodes of your wiki using folding so you can
>> zoom in on the bits you want to edit. If it works for you, splendid,
>> but my instinct is to not keep everything in one huge file, and use a
>> tool that displays and permits update of wiki content, like a browser.
>> It's not something I'd try to contort an editor into doing.
> Yeah, it seemed like the best approach 15 years ago, (oh, almost 17 years
> now), and I'm not really unhappy with it except for not getting a scintilla
> lexer so I can switch away from kate (and have a broader choice of editors--
> i.e., any that use scintilla).

There are a *lot* of Scintilla based editors. The ones I'm aware of
are listed here:

And there is a port of Scintilla to Delphi as well.

>> TextAdept can slurp up a file that big. An area that might bite
>> would be syntax highlighting. I don't know what TA's particular
>> limits might be, but I've seen issues elsewhere where syntax
>> highlighting imposes progressively larger performance hits as the size
>> of the source file you want to highlight grows, with recommendations
>> that you limit the amount of the file you want highlighting applied to
>> in consequence.
> Yes, highlighting could be a problem. It has been a negligible problem in
> nedit (where my biggest files still exist), and, so far, not noticable in kate
> (with considerably smaller files).

That's promising if you haven't been bitten yet.

> Iir/uc, scintilla does sort of a just in time highlighting--it highlights from
> any change to the end of the visible region "immediately" (for some definition
> of visible region), and then continues through the remainder of the document
> as a background task.

Personally, I'd want highlighting applied to the portion of the code
I'm currently viewing, but there is no requirement the entire file be
highlighted to do that. A JIT approach seems reasonable.

> So, the main delay is only at loading of a new file, and I tend (and intend) to
> keep the appropriate files open for long periods (e.g., as long as my computer
> is up between reboots, which, generally, is months (or occasional crashes of
> kate, or even more rare crashes of nedit)).

I have similar strategies for other things. Like, I don't hop into
and out of my browser, so the fact that Firefox started mose slowly
under Windows than IE was never a concern. I ran it when I sat down
at the ma chine and left it running.

> Anyway, thanks for the opportunity for this discussion!

You're quite welcome. My initial response to you wishes was "What
would you want to do *that* for?", and you gave me an explanation.

Personally, I'd look at ways of migrating the content out of a single
monolithic file and into something more current and easily maintained,
but I understand the issues involved. If you can get a decent lexer
for Twiki content, TextAdept is probably an applicable tool for your
current approach.

> regards,
> Randy Kramer

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