Re: [code] some unicode not rendering

From: Pedro Andres Aranda Gutierrez <>
Date: Thu, 11 May 2017 08:30:24 +0200


Since I live in an 'accented' world (Spanish, German and other languages I
speak go beyond the seven bits) ;-) I'm always interested in this kind of
issues. My test pages are:, which covers
98% of my needs and for
occasional Russian texts.

The problem Carl reports can be even worse, because it also happens on my
Mac with the Monaco font.

This is how I see the second page with a cut&paste into mg3a, a text-based
UTF-8 comoatible MicroEmacs:

[image: Inline images 1]

And this is how it appears with Textadept

[image: Inline images 2]

This is no show-stopper for me using TextAdept, but it could be...

Thinking further down this line, it could be something related to
Scintilla, right?
I don't have SciTE for Mac, but if anyone in the list can check, it could
be helpful

My .2 cents, /PA

On 10 May 2017 at 23:03, Carl Sturtivant <> wrote:

> Hello Mitchell,
> No, things are worse than that.
> I'm not using textadept in a console, i.e. not textadept-curses. Just the
> regular GUI application.
> I'm just using the console with font set to Consolas as evidence that
> Consolas can render those characters. Yet textadept with Consolas set as
> the font in init.lua does not render them. Unclear what's going on.
> Carl.
> On 4/27/2017 9:35 AM, Mitchell wrote:
>> Hi Carl,
>> On Wed, 26 Apr 2017, Carl Sturtivant wrote:
>> Hello,
>>> I'm using Consolas as font on Windows, and some text from here
>>> is in the font, and renders correctly in a Cygwin terminal set to use
>>> Consolas when a program edited in textadept prints it out. However,
>>> textadept does not render some of that selfsame text when editing that
>>> program, merely showing characters as boxes when they are clearly in the
>>> Consolas font. Haven't tried Linux yet, and I imagine the same sort of
>>> thing is going on. Why is this and what can I do about it?
>> So you are using Textadept in a Cygwin terminal (set up to use the
>> Consolas font), but when you open a UTF-8 file for editing, some of the
>> characters are not showing properly?
>> If so, does Textadept render the file properly in any other UTF-8-aware
>> font? Does the file render properly in the Windows console? Does the GUI
>> version of Textadept, configured to use Consolas, render the file properly?
>> Textadept uses pdcurses for terminal rendering on Windows, which appears
>> to support UTF-8 properly[1], but perhaps there are edge cases.
>> Cheers,
>> Mitchell
>> [1]:
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