[code] [textadept]catgs plugin freeze when try to jump not exist symbol in tags file twice

From: First Last <X1353135.att.outlook.com>
Date: Sat, 22 Jul 2017 10:17:18 +0000

Hi, I'm Yuki

It seems ctags plugin makes textadept of windows version freeze when user tries to jump a symbol which doesn't exist in tags file twice.

My steps to reproduce the problem are:

  1. Download gtk+2.24.31 source code
  2. Create tags file using Exberant Ctags
  3. Configure init.lua

_M.ctags = require('ctags')
keys['a&'] = textadept.menu.menubar[_L['_Search']]['_Ctags']['_Goto Ctag'][2]
keys['a,'] = textadept.menu.menubar[_L['_Search']]['_Ctags']['Jump _Back'][2]
keys['a.'] = textadept.menu.menubar[_L['_Search']]['_Ctags']['Jump _Forward'][2]
keys['ac'] = textadept.menu.menubar[_L['_Search']]['_Ctags']['_Autocomplete Tag'][2]

_M.ctags[#_M.ctags + 1] = 'C:/Programs/src/gtk+-2.24.31/tags'

  4. Open gtk\gtkaction.c
  5. Select string of "GObjectClass" in gtk_action_class_int()
  6. Select "Go to ctag" from menu twice

This problem occurs always in my environment.
I'm using textadept on wIndows7 of English version with changing the encoding to cp932.





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