[code] [scintillua] Lexer updates from the vis editor community

From: Marc André Tanner <mat.att.brain-dump.org>
Date: Mon, 24 Jul 2017 15:24:07 +0200

Hi Mitchel,

I'm sending you another set of lexer updates originating from the vis
editor community.

Michael Forney contributed a new lexer for the Myrddin language, the
associated file extension is *.myr


I wrote a simple strace(1) output lexer. It has no associated file
extension, in vis we check whether the file starts with an exec
syscall. This works for the most common case, but could probably be
improved further (the same applies for the lexer itself).


Joseph Eib fixed errors and added ANS Forth 2012 keywords to the Forth


He also suggested that the *.fth file extension should be associated
with Forth.

S. Gilles made the Perl lexer a bit more robust in an error case (although
this might only be a problem in the way vis' imprecise syntax highlighting
invokes it).


Tynan Colin Beatty realized that the Elixir lexer was missing a reference
to its white space rule.


I hope some of these contributions are useful.


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