[code] [Textadept] How to use buffer.margin_left & _right?

From: Franck Guadagnini <franckguadagnini.att.me.com>
Date: Tue, 25 Jul 2017 03:32:23 +0200


I'd like to add some horizontal padding to the buffer (useful to write markdown in full screen). I tried, in my properties.lua, `buffer.margin_left = 50` and the same for `_right` (these command are commented in the default properties.lua), but the margins are set to 0 instead, as stated in this thread from the Google Group archive: https://foicica.com/lists/textadept_archive/201006/1072.html <https://foicica.com/lists/textadept_archive/201006/1072.html>. I confirmed that the margins are set to 0 with the `buffer.margin_left` command run in the command entry.
So how could I make these commands work?


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