Re: [code][Textadept] Info.plist on macOS

From: Robert Gieseke <>
Date: Wed, 16 Aug 2017 20:39:34 +0200

Hi Franck,

Am 16/08/17 um 07:51 schrieb Franck Guadagnini:
> On macOS (10.12 at least), Textadept doesn’t show in the "open with…"
> context menu when you right click a .txt file. I’ve written a new
> Info.plist file that corrects that. See attached. Gathering bits from
> respectable sources, Apple’s own Xcode and TextEdit, and venerable
> BBEdit, I’ve updated the section "CFBundleDocumentTypes" to get rid
> of the deprecated key "CFBundleTypeExtensions". I use UTIs instead,
> which are the recommanded way since OSX 10.5. I've also added a
> section "UTImportedTypeDeclarations", which seems to correctly
> declare as source code the file types that Textadept is the only app
> to know (on my computer at least), and to properly register itself as
> their editor. I've also replaced "CFBundleVersion" key by
> "CFBundleShortVersionString". The former is for build number, and
> can't contain spaces, reason why in the context menu and get info
> pane TA shows as "Textadept ()" (because of the space in "9.5 beta").
> The latter is for deployed version number and can contain spaces.
> Mitchell, after some testing by the community, you may be interesting
> in using this new Info.plist upstream?=

that's great and much appreciated! The version number is now displayed
correctly ...


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