Re: [code][Textadept] Info.plist on macOS

From: Mitchell <>
Date: Sun, 20 Aug 2017 17:08:31 -0400 (EDT)

Hi Franck,

On Wed, 16 Aug 2017, Franck Guadagnini wrote:

> Hi,
> On macOS (10.12 at least), Textadept doesn’t show in the "open with…" context menu when you right click a .txt file. I’ve written a new Info.plist file that corrects that. See attached. Gathering bits from respectable sources, Apple’s own Xcode and TextEdit, and venerable BBEdit, I’ve updated the section "CFBundleDocumentTypes" to get rid of the deprecated key "CFBundleTypeExtensions". I use UTIs instead, which are the recommanded way since OSX 10.5. I've also added a section "UTImportedTypeDeclarations", which seems to correctly declare as source code the file types that Textadept is the only app to know (on my computer at least), and to properly register itself as their editor.
> I've also replaced "CFBundleVersion" key by "CFBundleShortVersionString". The former is for build number, and can't contain spaces, reason why in the context menu and get info pane TA shows as "Textadept ()" (because of the space in "9.5 beta"). The latter is for deployed version number and can contain spaces.
> Mitchell, after some testing by the community, you may be interesting in using this new Info.plist upstream?

Please try the attached Info.plist file and ensure it works for you. I've incorporated your changes into my plist file generator, and there are a few slight differences between my generated file and your supplied file. I am curious if defining "net.daringfireball.markdown" is required to have Textadept register as a markdown editor. I am also curious if my registering of Java source files for example as "com.textadept.Java-source" interferes with the existing "" registration. (Ideally my plist generator would not have language-specific features, but just iterate over all of Textadept's supported languages and generate the same set of XML junk.)


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