Re: [code] ctrl-c frequently doesn't work on Windows.

From: <>
Date: Sat, 21 Oct 2017 20:15:26 -0600

On 2017-10-21 08:57, Mitchell wrote:
> Did you install any custom modules that may override the default
> Ctrl+C key binding? Try opening the Command Entry (Tools -> Command
> Entry), enter " = buffer.copy" (no quotes), press enter, and
> then try Ctrl+C actions. If that ends up working, something other than
> Textadept is altering Ctrl+C behavior.

I cleared out my init.lua. The thing that's happening is that I can copy
and paste inside textadept just fine. But when I try to copy from
textadept and paste into another app, it frequently (30%-ish of
textadept launches) doesn't work. If it works once, it seems that it
will keep working for the rest of that textadept session. If it doesn't
work, I don't think it has ever worked again in the same textadept
session -- I have to restart. Textadept is the only app I seem to have
this issue with.

I ran textadept.exe from a command prompt just to see if it was printing
some error to stdout/stderr but it isn't printing anything.

This has been a longstanding issue with textadept since the very first
time I tried it. I'm surprised no one else has had this issue (or is
talking about it anyway).

> My guess is that something in your ~/.textadept/ is altering the
> default Ctrl+C behavior.

Even if I remove ~/.textadept/ completely the behaviour is the same.
ctrl-c just doesn't work in textadept-curses in WSL. It works fine in

If I run these commands in the command window I can copy and paste with
ctrl-b and ctrl-n (not that I want to do that but I did it as a test):

keys.cb = buffer.copy = buffer.paste

In fact I just figured out that if I bind ctrl-n to paste, I can copy
with ctrl-c and paste with ctrl-n. So it's the ctrl-v shortcut that's
the problem, not ctrl-c.

I know ctrl-v is not being filtered out by the Windows terminal, because
at a bash prompt if I hit ctrl-v followed by "enter", it prints "^M".

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