Re: [code] ctrl-c frequently doesn't work on Windows.

From: Mitchell <>
Date: Sun, 22 Oct 2017 08:27:41 -0400 (EDT)


On Sat, 21 Oct 2017, wrote:

> On 2017-10-21 08:57, Mitchell wrote:
>> Did you install any custom modules that may override the default
>> Ctrl+C key binding? Try opening the Command Entry (Tools -> Command
>> Entry), enter " = buffer.copy" (no quotes), press enter, and
>> then try Ctrl+C actions. If that ends up working, something other than
>> Textadept is altering Ctrl+C behavior.
> I cleared out my init.lua. The thing that's happening is that I can copy
> and paste inside textadept just fine. But when I try to copy from
> textadept and paste into another app, it frequently (30%-ish of
> textadept launches) doesn't work. If it works once, it seems that it
> will keep working for the rest of that textadept session. If it doesn't
> work, I don't think it has ever worked again in the same textadept
> session -- I have to restart. Textadept is the only app I seem to have
> this issue with.

The only thing I can think of is that Windows is causing trouble for GTK (the UI toolkit Textadept uses) clipboard operations. If possible, you might want to see if you get the same behavior from another GTK-based editor on Windows like Geany ( If so, then there's really nothing to be done from the Textadept side.

> I ran textadept.exe from a command prompt just to see if it was printing
> some error to stdout/stderr but it isn't printing anything.
> This has been a longstanding issue with textadept since the very first
> time I tried it. I'm surprised no one else has had this issue (or is
> talking about it anyway).

You are the first person reporting this. I have never seen this on Windows myself.

>> My guess is that something in your ~/.textadept/ is altering the
>> default Ctrl+C behavior.
> Even if I remove ~/.textadept/ completely the behaviour is the same.
> ctrl-c just doesn't work in textadept-curses in WSL. It works fine in
> Linux.
> If I run these commands in the command window I can copy and paste with
> ctrl-b and ctrl-n (not that I want to do that but I did it as a test):
> keys.cb = buffer.copy
> = buffer.paste
> In fact I just figured out that if I bind ctrl-n to paste, I can copy
> with ctrl-c and paste with ctrl-n. So it's the ctrl-v shortcut that's
> the problem, not ctrl-c.
> I know ctrl-v is not being filtered out by the Windows terminal, because
> at a bash prompt if I hit ctrl-v followed by "enter", it prints "^M".

In Textadept's *core/keys.lua* file around line 215 there is a line commented out that starts with `if CURSES then ...`. Uncomment that line, restart or reset textadept-curses, and then press Ctrl+V. See if the key sequence printed in the statusbar is recognized properly as `cv`. If not, then this is likely a WSL issue and I would not know what to do about it.


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