Re: [code] ctrl-c frequently doesn't work on Windows.

From: Danny MacMillan <>
Date: Sun, 22 Oct 2017 11:26:56 -0600

On 2017-10-22 10:31, Robert Gieseke wrote:
> Am 22/10/17 um 18:15 schrieb Danny MacMillan:
>>> Have you tried another ncurses-based text editor? If it's not working
>>> there, then it's likely a problem with ncurses and WSL ...
>> Good thinking. I tried tilde, it doesn't work there either. Thanks.
> It seems that there are a number of open issues with regards to Ctrl-V
> behaviour:

I think most of the WSL issues relating to ctrl-c, ctrl-v, etc. come
from a fundamental confusion about what should be handling these
keystrokes. ctrl-c, ctrl-v -- these keystrokes are rather important in
the Linux world and whatever Linux program we are using should receive
them. On Windows people frequently want these keystrokes to be handled
by the console (cmd.exe) instead so that it's integrated with the
Windows clipboard.

So I think most of those issues, including the one you linked, are not
really related to mine. That person wants ctrl-v to paste the contents
of his Windows clipboard into the Linux program he is currently using.
That is not what I want. I just want ctrl-v to make it to the Linux
program I am using unmolested.

I did just open a GitHub issue for my problem prior however.

> Odd however, that it seems to work for the non curses editor you tried,
> though there appear to be other issues:

I've had issues like that also but they can be solved by the user. Not
easily solved, but solved, by configuring one of the many wonderful
intermediaries between the keyboard and the receiving program that Linux
affords us.

> Maybe the easiest option to get Textadept working for you, is to just
> use another shortcut ...

It is starting to seem that way, but I might just use something else
because I always seem to be stuck at the first hurdle with textadept.


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