Re: [code] ctrl-c frequently doesn't work on Windows.

From: Robert Gieseke <>
Date: Sun, 22 Oct 2017 21:28:12 +0200

Am 22/10/17 um 20:10 schrieb Danny MacMillan:
>>> Maybe the easiest option to get Textadept working for you, is to just
>>> use another shortcut ...
>> It is starting to seem that way, but I might just use something else
>> because I always seem to be stuck at the first hurdle with textadept.
> I think maybe that came across as petulant so let me explain further.

It's certainly appreciated, without people writing about problems other
people with the same problem will never know ... someone has to be the
first to report.

> The other clipboard issue though is a much bigger problem, because if
> I'm using the Windows GUI version and the clipboard just doesn't work
> about a third of the time, that is bringing me to a sudden screeching
> halt and forcing me to fiddle with the clipboard instead of with
> completing whatever task it is I'm trying to accomplish. It basically
> means I can't use the GUI version of textadept no matter how much I
> might want to, because the cost of dealing with this problem is too
> high.

It's another workaround (until Textadept switches to GTK3 at some point)
and would only work if it is actually the problem described as here:

But, I think you might be able to wrap Textadept's copy function in Lua
to check if it has actually been copied.

Something like the proposal here = function()
  -- get selection
  local sel = buffer.get_sel_text()
  if sel ~= ui.clipboard_text then
    -- alert for debugging (retry, if not the same ...)
    ui.dialogs.msgbox({text="Clipboard problem ...")

Could be applied to Textadept if that would fix it. Maybe wrapping the
retries with some timeout and limit ...

In any case


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