[code][textadept] Initialization issue

From: Gabriel Dubatti <gdubatti.att.gmail.com>
Date: Wed, 8 Nov 2017 16:35:04 -0300


     I'm compiling textadept with my toolbar code in ubuntu mate 17.10
and found some issues during the startup sequence.

     I analyze the first line of each file to determine if the file is a
project or not. I do this at start-up and every time a file is opened.

     The code always worked well on Linux and Windows, but I see that in
the last version of Ubuntu Mate the project file is sometimes not detected.

     Adding some debug I found that in the INITIALIZED event, every
previously opened buffer is created with the appropriate file name, but
when I call "buffer:get_line(0)"

     some files return "" instead of the first line content.

     This sometimes works well, and sometimes not.

     It's like the files were opened in asynchronous mode and sometimes
they are in memory when I call get_line(), and sometimes not.

     Is it OK to call get_line(0) for the current open buffers in the

     Best regards,

PS: sorry for the forwarding, I forgot the [tags] on the subject of the

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