[code][textadept] new version of the Elastic Tabstops module

From: Peter Rolf <indiego.att.gmx.net>
Date: Mon, 5 Mar 2018 13:54:36 +0100

Hi list,

Today's release of Elastic Tabstops (ETS) is nearly feature complete,
quite reliable, and very fast. I would say that there is no longer a
noticeable speed differences between ETS and 'space' based texts.


Main improvements in this version:

* every visited buffer is now automatically scanned (after one second),
all Elastic Tabstops cells are measured and stored in this process; this
removes the need to do any width calculations while scrolling, so
scrolling stays smooth and fast as usual

* the maximal cache level (3) is now the standard; tests showed, that
the total memory consumption is negligible (around 120KB for all files
in my ETS session); the usage of a width cache eliminates any repeating
calculations, and over time, saves a ton of otherwise wasted CPU cycles
(power consumption)

* improved the documentation (all functions listed and described,
general clean-up; separated license and changelog in extra files)

All in all, THIS is the version of Elastic Tabstops, that I should have
released three month ago. Sorry, couldn't do better at that time :D

Cheers, Peter


I have also uploaded my complete Textadept settings (init.lua, theme, etc.).
If you own a HiDPI monitor (+144dpi) and want to use the extra
resolution for some nice looking medium|bold style proportional fonts,
my settings may be of use. Two screenshots (one small, one of bigger
size) in the download area show the actual look (ETS is of course a pre

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