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From: RB <radiobox.att.mtu-net.ru>
Date: Mon, 23 Apr 2018 13:34:44 +0300

Good day!

I use WikidPad (http://wikidpad.sourceforge.net/) program for taking notes.
This program is written in Python, the engine - Scintilla.
The format of the notes - plain text with wiki-markup.
Folding on the headers.
The header sign is the '+' symbol at the first position of the line.
One or more according to the title level.
Since the program is written in Python, editing large texts is slow.
Sometimes you have to run gedit for editing, but there is no folding in it.

Can I configure Textadept to edit files with the wiki and folding extension '+', '++',
'+...+ ' ?
How to do it?

Still need a function timestamp settable format, for example '23.04.2018 12: 47 Textadept'

Thank You!


Sample Wiki text


+ Header level 1
++ Header level 2
+++ Header level 3
++ Header level 2
+ Header level 1

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