[code] Max file size in TextAdept

From: <rhkramer.att.gmail.com>
Date: Thu, 26 Apr 2018 08:07:16 -0400

I'm thinking of starting to use TextAdept primarily with the idea that I might
write a lexer for the markup language I use (a mixture of TWiki makrup
language, an mbox header, and some of my own extensions) easier in Lua than in
C/C++ as would be required for Scintilla (without Scinttilua, although I
understand that will (or may have already) become part of the LTS release of
Scintilla, and maybe eventually the "main line" version.

(I get paid extra for writing long, run-on sentences. ;-)

I have two questions:

   * I tend to work with some of what I consider large files, currently some
ranging from 30 to 60 MB. I haven't really found a file size limit /
specification for TextAdept, but I have seen words to the effect that it is
intended for "smaller files". Does anybody (on this list) have experience with
files in the 30 to 60 MB size range?

   * I may ask more about this next point later, but I store multiple
"records" in an mbox file, and need to fold based on a multiline header
starting with the typical "From " line. I'm hoping that will be reasonably
easy to do in Lua, and note that I probably specifically don't want to set the
option which seems to restrict lexing to one line at a time.

Thanks for any comments!

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