Re: [code][textadept] Segfault with

From: Robert Gieseke <>
Date: Sun, 13 May 2018 21:20:54 +0200

Hi Mitchell,

Am 10/05/18 um 16:49 schrieb Mitchell:
>>>> Unexpected behaviour:
>>>> type ß search for ss "ß" is still highlighted (in German this 'ss'
>>>> was often formerly 'ß' - but I want to find all old versions for
>>>> example, maybe this is a config option)
>>>> If I then click "regex" and search again I get a crash (on OS X):
>>> So your buffer only contains "ß", but when you search for 'ss', it
>>> finds "ß" and highlights it. Then, when you do a regex search and
>>> click "find next", you get the crash?
>> yes, that's what I get -- can you reproduce that on Linux, or ist a Mac
>> problem?
> I can reproduce everything but the crash. Instead I get "No results found" for a regex search.

with the crash fixed now, regarding the searching:

"Some caseless matches may match one character against two: for example,
U+00DF "ß" matches the two characters "SS". And case matching may vary
by locale. However, because many implementations are not set up to
handle this, at Level 1 only simple case matches are necessary. To
correctly implement a caseless match, see Chapter 3, Conformance of
[Unicode]. The data file supporting caseless matching is [CaseData]."


When I select `match case`, the search works as expected -- letting me
search for either "dass" or "daß".


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