[code] [textadept] what is fold_display_text_style?

From: Oliver Jan Krylow <oliver.att.bugabinga.net>
Date: Sat, 26 May 2018 20:22:31 +0200


While testing Textadept 10.0 beta (Ubuntu 16.04)
`buffer.fold_display_text_style` some questions came up.

The values do not show up in documentation popup (ch):

    buffer.FOLDDISPLAYTEXT_HIDDEN Fold display text is not shown.
    buffer.FOLDDISPLAYTEXT_STANDARD Fold display text is shown with no
    buffer.FOLDDISPLAYTEXT_BOXED Fold display text is shown outlined
with a box.

They can be used normally however.

I expected that, when setting `fold_display_text_style` to
`buffer.FOLDDISPLAYTEXT_BOXED` and then toggling some fold point via
`buffer:toggle_fold_show_text(39, "something")`, that something would
happen in the buffer.

No visual change though.
So evidently I do not understand what this setting is about.
What is it useful for?

-- Oliver

Btw, is there a way to search the whole mailing list archive? I wanted
to research this issue before posting, but searching through the
periods one by one is too much.

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