[code] [Textadept] Unexpected behavior when using mono-spaced font "Share Tech Mono"

From: Lars <axteffekt.att.gmail.com>
Date: Thu, 30 Aug 2018 18:17:43 +0200

Hi Mitchell,

I'd love to show you, what I found when playing around with fonts and
skins in TA 10.0 (Win10x64):

TA seems to have trouble with displaying dashes in the buffer in some
cases, i. e. the dashes disappear depending on the zoom level / font
size AND lexing/coloring.  First, this is the command that I use to
change skins and font size:

buffer:set_theme('light', {font = 'share tech mono', fontsize = 11})

Now, regardless of the way how I change font size (CTRL + mouse wheel or
by changing the line above), at some sizes I can't see dashes:

When I zoom higher one level:

It seems not skin related as it doesn't only happen when I use my skin,
so I chose your /light/-skin for the line above.
It first looked like it might have to do with a specific mono-spaced
font that I am using: /Share Tech Mono/ (fonts.google.com
<https://fonts.google.com/specimen/Share+Tech+Mono>), because other
(mono-spaced) fonts seem to work ok, but then check the init.lua, which
loads TA's regular lua lexer:

In the second line of the upper half, only the top of the equals sign is
visible. Further notice both first lines which are uncolored (grey).
There the equals signs are clearly visible. So it doesn't seem to be
font related either. Notice the lower half of the picture, where the
zoom level is several levels lower. There the equals sign is clearly
It looks like this could be TA / lexing/coloring related, that's why I
post this. I hope you find this helpful.

This is the untouched /light/-skin and the untouched lua lexer together
with mentioned font /Share Tech Mono/ (see link above). I've experienced
this on Win10 and Win7 machines. In case you need anything, just let me

Thanks and cheers, Lars.

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