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From: Procházka Lukáš Ing. <>
Date: Wed, 05 Sep 2018 08:33:43 +0200


to be more precise - would it be possible to provide a "independent" window on the left/right side of the main window whose content and click-in-the-text events would be configurable (by Lua)?

- A very simple outline of my idea is attached.

- The window "Code Explorer" shloud be "independent", IOW, user would not get into it switching Ctrl+Tab.

- The window should work like "Class Explorer", "Solution Explorer", "Resource Explorer" or similar, which is provided by various IDEs.

- Use of "Buffer" widow doesn't seem to be so useful as "Code Explorer" is always visible and user doesn't need to switch between Acive window to "Buffer".

- I guess this feature would be great as it would bring TA near to IDE.

- Configurable Code Explorer would be great, e.g. for TeXt/ConTeXt source a modue would parse the source file (window), extract all \section, \subsection and other statements and show just them in the Code Explorer window. Similarly it would parse the Lua source and pass all "function foo(...)" statements into the Code Explorer so one can see immediately all function defs in the source file, and so on.

I'm not sure the Code Explorer could be programmed in the current TA using just a Lua extension/module;
maybe it would require some C/gtk programming...

Any reaction would be appreciated.

Best regards,


On Mon, 27 Aug 2018 21:01:35 +0200, Procházka Lukáš Ing. <> wrote:

> Hello community,
> would it be possible to implement a "Code Explorer" (maybe separate) window?
> Motivation:
> Suppose having a source file with the following content (line numbers in (...) just for referring):
> ---- a.tex
> (1) \section{Sec}
> (2)
> (3) Hello
> (4)
> (5) \subsection{Subsec}
> (6)
> (7) Word
> ----
> The Code Explorer should display this (should be configurable for various languages - here: ConTeXt/LaTeX, but let's talk about the goal first, later about options to configure):
> ---- Code Explorer
> Sec (section)
> Subsec (subsection)
> ----
> Clicking on "Sec" in the Code Explorer should move the cursor to line (1) in the source window (maybe also scroll the view to make the line visible),
> clicking on "Subsec" should move the cursor to line (5) in the source window and so on.
> The Code Explorer content should refresh on an event, which could be e.g. (bit addition):
> - source file has been saved;
> - a tool (compiler) has been launched;
> - view / source file has been changed;
> - cursor in the source has been moved to another line;
> - ... whatever reasonable.
> Would it be possible?
> Best regards,
> LuP

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