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From: Gabriel Dubatti <>
Date: Wed, 5 Sep 2018 09:05:27 -0300

Hi Lukas,

El 05/09/2018 a las 03:33, Procházka Lukáš Ing. escribió:
> Hello
> to be more precise - would it be possible to provide a "independent"
> window on the left/right side of the main window whose content and
> click-in-the-text events would be configurable (by Lua)?
> - A very simple outline of my idea is attached.
> - The window "Code Explorer" shloud be "independent", IOW, user would
> not get into it switching Ctrl+Tab.
> - The window should work like "Class Explorer", "Solution Explorer",
> "Resource Explorer" or similar, which is provided by various IDEs.
> - Use of "Buffer" widow doesn't seem to be so useful as "Code
> Explorer" is always visible and user doesn't need to switch between
> Acive window to "Buffer".
> - I guess this feature would be great as it would bring TA near to IDE.
> - Configurable Code Explorer would be great, e.g. for TeXt/ConTeXt
> source a modue would parse the source file (window), extract all
> \section, \subsection and other statements and show just them in the
> Code Explorer window. Similarly it would parse the Lua source and pass
> all "function foo(...)" statements into the Code Explorer so one can
> see immediately all function defs in the source file, and so on.
> I'm not sure the Code Explorer could be programmed in the current TA
> using just a Lua extension/module;
> maybe it would require some C/gtk programming...
> Any reaction would be appreciated.
> Best regards,
> Lukas
If you don't want to compile TA, you can check [1] to see how to
implement different functions in different views (project management and
search results) and how to enforce to open files in a specific view.

If you don't care to compile TA, you can check [2], where you can use
the toolbars to add the information you want.





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