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From: Procházka Lukáš Ing. <LPr.att.pontex.cz>
Date: Tue, 11 Sep 2018 14:53:25 +0200


I would like to create a new view to show some lines of interest ("Code Explorer") from all open files.

Being inspired by ta-tweaks and its 'project' module, which provides project view, search-in-project view and so, I have a (newbie) question:

TA defines _VIEWS variable.

How do I determine which view to split in the way that one of its child will keep its usage (it will show a file content) and the second will be used for the "Code Explorer"?

- ta-tweaks 'project' module uses several views, and I deduce that number of actual views being shown used by 'project' module may vary.

- Some other views correspond to a file that has been opened.

- There may be views associated with 'untitled' - non existing - files.

- There are views like 'Command Entry', 'Message Buffer'...

I may traverse all _VIEWS members but I don't know how to determine which is to be split (it seems that 'ta_view' object has no 'parent' or 'childs' members to get parental view or views created by splitting, and there is no 'title' member to get title which appears in the TA top tab bar, or whether it is 'Command entry' view, 'Message Buffer' view...).

Moreover, I'm afraid that e.g. splitting _VIEWS[1] (or any other) may break functionality of 'project' module, or it may break the way how size of each view is saved between sessions.

So - how to determine view to be split without breaking functionality of other modules?

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