[code] [textadept] How can you store in a session the line wrap mode for a buffer?

From: ardi <ardillasdelmonte.att.gmail.com>
Date: Sat, 13 Oct 2018 13:35:19 +0200

Hi again!

(sorry for posting so much these days, but this is what happens when
you start using a new tool and you enjoy it :-)

Quite often, I have in the same session buffers which need line
wrapping (for example LaTeX source, or plain ASCII documentation, etc)
and at the same time buffers that are best edited without line
wrapping (C/C++ source code, for example). If I enable line wrapping
for the buffers that need it, with the "Toggle Wrap Mode" menu
command, while keeping the rest with wrapping off, it seems that this
setting is not saved within the session: When you quit TA and start it
again, the wrapping mode is lost, and all buffers are reloaded with
the default mode (off in my case).

Is there any way for keeping each buffer with its better-suited wrapping mode?

Thanks a lot!


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