[code] [textadept] Sometimes Crash on textadept.run.close()

From: johannes <jodak932.att.gmail.com>
Date: Wed, 17 Oct 2018 22:24:45 +0200

Hi Mitchell,

have noticed that you're currently working on os.spawn. Maybe the
following bug I encountered is somehow related to this, since os.spawn
is also about processes:

In my module 'textadept-dev-tools' (on github) I've created customized
run-, compile- and build-commands. (see file 'tools_project.lua', Line
98, 106, 114). Recently I've added the lines 'textadept.run.stop()' to
these functions. Since then there are sometimes crashes of textadept
(totally closes) when calling these functions. I've used them long
enough before without calling textadept.run.stop(), thereby weren't any
crashes. But then there was allways a new process added (haven't noticed
this until my RAM was full).

I got into this issue with textadept_10.1.x86_64 on Linux.

Do you have any suggestions on this?


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