Re: [code] [textadept] Poll on Textadept 10's default "paste reindent"

From: Gabriel Dubatti <>
Date: Sat, 20 Oct 2018 16:06:58 -0300

Hi Mitchell,

El 20/10/18 a las 15:47, Mitchell escribió:
> Hi,
> Textadept 10 introduced a "paste reindent" feature that is enabled by
> default. Anytime you paste in a block of code, Textadept attempts to
> reindent it to fit the context you are pasting it into. Many editors
> have such a feature (albeit bound to Ctrl+Shift+V or something
> separate from Ctrl+V/paste), but after a few months, I'm not certain
> if it should be built into core Textadept. I'm wondering if perhaps it
> should just be an extra module on the wiki. It's 53 lines of Lua code
> that perhaps could be better spent elsewhere.
> Does anyone feel particularly strongly one way or another about this
> feature? Do you find yourself wanting a distinct "paste" and "paste
> reindent"? Do you find it welcome and quite useful? Any feedback is
> welcome and appreciated.
> Cheers,
> Mitchell

I moved the reindent version of paste to Ctrl+Shift+V and called it
"Paste Special" because I do not want to reindent comments or just
regular text when I use TA to edit something that is not code.

I do not mind removing it because I tend to forget about Ctrl+Shift+V
and indent the pasted code using the TAB key.



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