Re: [code] Textadept: trying to script "hover tips"..

From: Mitchell <>
Date: Fri, 2 Nov 2018 13:39:19 -0400 (EDT)

Hi Phil,

On Fri, 2 Nov 2018, Phil S. wrote:

> Just discovered TA shortly ago and am depressed I haven't encountered it
> years ago =) it seems mostly "a dev's dream editor" because unlike my
> previous choices in recent years, SublimeText and VScode, one can "own it and
> mold it" for years to come, not worry about the editor-dev's proprietary
> shenanigans or future bloat etc, even run it on BSDs, fine-tune most-every
> aspect, and have a much saner (imho) scripting choice than ST's Python or
> VSC's Nodejs. Kudos! Brilliant.
> In daily editor use I tend to involve the mouse somewhat, particularly for
> hover tips (ie. what your Ctrl+H does but on mouse-dwell). I wrote a little
> script for that which "mostly works" but requires the following changes to
> modules/textadept/editing.lua:
> - show_documentation() is renamed to show_documentation_at(buffer_pos), with
> all occurrences of `buffer.current_pos` changed to `buffer_pos`
> - reintroduce show_documentation() and have it call
> show_documentation_at(buffer.current_pos)
> - BUT further below (just following the above) at
> `events.connect(events.CALL_TIP_CLICK, function(position)....` the
> buffer.current_pos would need to be replaced with the current call-tip pos! I
> would have thought that `buffer.call_tip_pos_start(buffer)` could do the
> trick here but alas, still the "new"/"next" tip pops up at the
> current-caret-pos instead of re-using its current tip pos! Any ideas why, or
> how one would approach this better? Am a newb to TA Lua scripting =)

In the `events.CALL_TIP_CLICK` handler you need to modify the call to `buffer:call_tip_show()` to pass in your desired position instead of `buffer.current_pos`.

> Thanks for creating this & looking forward to learning more.
> Bonus question, probably more of a Scintilla than TA one, but is there a
> smooth-scrolling-of-sorts option? Scrolling the-page-by-pixels instead of
> line-sized-jumps would improve UX quite a bit for us folks coming from other
> modern editors, I feel =)

I feel like this is a known limitation to Scintilla, that it only supports scrolling by lines, not pixels, but I cannot find the documentation to back up that statement at present. If Scintilla supported it, I'd imagine it would be working like that by default.


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