Re: [code] Textadept: scripting a symbol auto-highlighter

From: Phil S. <>
Date: Tue, 6 Nov 2018 00:10:42 +0100

Follow-up on the below:

#1 if editing.lua could also export `clear_highlighted_words` that would
be mighty handy too

#2 the clear-on-esc in line 468 never seems to occur at my end (v10.2
Linux 64bit build) --- but if #1 above were to happen, one could call it
in addition to buffer:cancel() on one's own keys.esc handler

On 11/6/18 12:02 AM, Phil S. wrote:
> I'm scripting another convenience I had gotten used to from VSC as I
> move to Textadept: highlighting all occurrences of current-symbol at
> caret-pos live as the caret moves, without having to Edit / Highlight
> Word (or key-combination).
> This can work with this non-breaking new flag added to `editing.lua`s
> `highlight_word` function:
> Would this be acceptable to merge? Else I'd have to hackily-messily
> capture current-caret-pos before the call and restore it right after,
> would probably cause flickering (and just be senseless & ugly too =)

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