[code] Re: Textadept: often no buffer.UPDATE_CONTENT firing on certain modifications:

From: Phil S. <accountz.att.mailbox.org>
Date: Tue, 6 Nov 2018 11:07:08 +0100

In addition to many-not-all backspace (both with selection and without)
enterings, the lack of UPDATE_UI+UPDATE_CONTENT firings also appears to
pertain to many-not-all textadept.editing.enclose calls for the common

Could it be a bug in Scintilla? Or is the order of event handlers random
such that my handlers setting ui.statusbar_text do get called but
sometimes a textadept-builtin handler runs later than mine and resets
the status bar, hence I'm not seeing this 'printf-of-sorts'? (I can't
ui.print in this scenario as it would keep popping up the messagebuffer)

On 11/6/18 12:38 AM, Phil S. wrote:
> Namely, entering newlines or deleting individual chars via backspace or
> Del key, the UPDATE_UI+UPDATE_CONTENT handler is seldomly called but
> often not. Seems completely random when they rarely do fire.
> If you cannot reproduce, let me know!
> Having the same handlers that listen to UPDATE_CONTENT also connected to
> CHAR_ADDED is my current but ugly workaround that resolves this for
> newlines and Dels but not backspaces. Certainly not ideal to have each
> UPDATE_CONTENT handler also execute (perhaps often redundantly) on

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