[code] Something about textadept

From: Alexander Misel <alexander_misel.att.live.cn>
Date: Tue, 26 Mar 2019 05:10:33 +0000

  * We can support *.yml and *.vue by simply adding them to known file types

{ vue='html', yml='yaml' }

  * Searching: when matched word is in a long, wrapped line, then the vertical scrollbar should also move to that position; currently, it does not.
  * The usage for ui.dialogs.optionselect<https://foicica.com/textadept/api.html#ui.dialogs.optionselect> missed a comma before items
  * A simple implementation of Close Others function (ignoring modified files), which will help a lot when you don't want to close a buffer when you opened too many buffers

function io.close_other_buffers()
  local cur_buf_index = _BUFFERS[buffer]
  for i, v in ipairs(_BUFFERS) do
    if i ~= cur_buf_index and not v.modify then
local default_tab_context_menu = {
  {_L['_Close'], io.close_buffer},
  {_L['Close Others'], io.close_other_buffers},

  * I modified CSS lexer a bit to support my often used CSS3 properties. See attach file.
  * In HTML lexer, we don't have to bother checking the type whether it is 'text/css' I thnk. This would help on <style scoped> or <style lang="less"> etc.

local css_start_rule = #(P('<') * style_element) * lex.embed_start_tag

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