Re: [code][textadept]

From: Mitchell <>
Date: Thu, 28 Mar 2019 17:30:56 -0400 (EDT)

Hi Al,

On Thu, 28 Mar 2019, Al Zatv wrote:

> - Hello!
> - I found some bugs. Ubuntu 16.04, textadept 10.3
> - 1) textadept.file_types.select_lexer function works fine in GUI, but
> in curses it crash the app after any possible choice
> [image: Снимок экрана_2019-03-28_14-48-11.png]
> - Text in Russian: Abnormal termination (core dumped)

Which version of libncurses do you have installed? 5 or 6? You can find this by running `dpkg --list | grep libncurses` in your terminal. If version 6, you'll need to recompile Textadept against that version. See the manual for instructions. If 5, see below.

> - 2) "Replace" function (ui.find.replace) is not working, both in GUI
> and curses version. Curses version shows an error message:
> - textadept_10.3.x86_64/modules/textadept/find.lua:135: bad argument
> #3 to 'f' (string expected, got nil)

That error would likely only happen if you are manually envoking `events.emit(events.FIND, ...)`. Check if your *~/.textadept/* is to blame by running in the terminal:

   /path/to/textadept -u /tmp

This runs Textadept with your user-home temporarily set to /tmp. Try selecting a lexer or doing find/replace. If they work, then there's something in your *~/.textadept/* causing trouble.

For the record, everything you mention is working for me.


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