[code] [textadept] Win32 GUI NIGHTLY C: Reading SYS File

From: Preston <preston.att.prestonkyles.com>
Date: Mon, 29 Apr 2019 17:59:46 -0500

When opening a file, the contents of C:\pagefile.sys tries to be read and causes an error. As a result, all of the contents of C: aren’t rendered. This isn’t an issue with the curses version as all the contents of C: are correctly displayed.

Error when opening the file selection dialog in C:

Comparison of the contents of C: between TextAdept GUI and dir:

TextAdept CURSES rendering:

I’m new to using TextAdept and Lua programming in general so I wasn’t able to figure out what is causing the error. Also, sorry if this bug is already reported. I looked at some of the recent mailing list archives and couldn’t find anything relating to the issue.

Thanks for your time,

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