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From: Qwerky <mr.qwerky.att.gmail.com>
Date: Mon, 8 Jul 2019 18:19:37 -0600

Hello.  Key bindings provide for key modes which, according to the
documentation, provide a set of key bindings which are executed when
that mode is active, to the exclusion of all other key bindings.

Is it possible to have a mode, whose key bindings simply replace the
same-named bindings while that mode is active, without blocking all
other bindings[1]?

An example would be a rectangular-select mode which, when active, would
replace bindings such as caret-left-extend with
caret-left-rectangular-extend, and so forth; but would not block other
bindings, such as caret-left, line-down, etc. This would be extremely
useful, in the given example, for making selection easier by not having
to hold down the Alt key, and would also free up Alt key combinations
for other functions.

[1] The mode may also provide new bindings which do not exist outside
the mode.


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