Re: [code] [textadept] Menu functions

From: Gabriel Dubatti <>
Date: Tue, 23 Jul 2019 19:06:09 -0300

Hi Qwerty,

El 23/7/19 a las 18:22, Qwerky escribió:
> Hi Gabriel,
> Oh, that's the code I was referring to in my previous message--so
> you're the author! Well, thanks for all your work on that!
> One thing, though.  While perusing your code, I thought I read that I
> would need to recompile in order to use it.  Is that actually the case
> (since I'm on Windows, and therefore can't recompile it)? If it
> doesn't need for textadept to be recompiled, then I'd be happy to
> install and play with it.
> qwerky
> On 2019-07-23 14:20, Gabriel Dubatti wrote:
>> Hi Qwerky,
>> El 23/07/2019 a las 16:12, Qwerky escribió:
>>> Hi.  When the main menu (or sub-menu of main menu) is open and an
>>> item is highlighted, it seems that clicking the right mouse button
>>> results in the item being executed, just the same as clicking the
>>> left mouse button.  Also, no keys respond (apart from
>>> navigation/selection -- up/down/left/right/enter/esc), including the
>>> context-menu key.
>>> My question is:  is there a way that I (or someone) could code up
>>> something so that right-clicking would bring up a context-menu for
>>> the selected item, or a way that selected keys could be active when
>>> the menu is open?
>>> Second, also related to menus:  is there a way that I (or someone)
>>> could code up something so that menu items could have an icon, such
>>> as a check-mark, to the left of the item when the item is active?  I
>>> did see some code linked from the wiki, which allowed this type of
>>> functionality, but it seems that that package replaced the entire
>>> menu system?  At any rate, its code was way over my head.  And
>>> further, I believe that it required re-compiling, which can't be
>>> done on Windows?
>>> Failing all of the above, perhaps I could achieve certain things by
>>> use of a dialog box.  Could someone point me to a good resource to
>>> teach one how to create dialog boxes (GTK+??), that could be used in
>>> TextAdept?
>>> Thanks!
>>> qwerky
>> I've been making some changes to textadept.c for some years now to
>> allow to check and gray menus and also draw controls like toolbars.
>> You can check my github at .
>> Unfortunately, I'm very busy right now and I'm afraid I can't help
>> you if the documentation on the wiki is not enough for you.
>> You can check it anyway. You may find something useful.
>> Cheers,
>> Gabriel
Yes, you need to recompile to add the objects: toolbar, filediff and
minimap to TA.

You can cross compile TA for Windows using a virtual machine running
Linux (I use Ubuntu Minimal 18.04, see for a guide on how to
install it).

I can send you the .exe tomorrow from work for TA 10.5 if you want to
test it before going forward.



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