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From: Qwerky <>
Date: Tue, 23 Jul 2019 16:47:48 -0600

Hello Gabriel,

On 2019-07-23 16:06, Gabriel Dubatti wrote:
> Hi Qwerty,
> El 23/7/19 a las 18:22, Qwerky escribió:
>> Hi Gabriel,
>> Oh, that's the code I was referring to in my previous message--so
>> you're the author!  Well, thanks for all your work on that!
>> One thing, though.  While perusing your code, I thought I read that I
>> would need to recompile in order to use it.  Is that actually the
>> case (since I'm on Windows, and therefore can't recompile it)? If it
>> doesn't need for textadept to be recompiled, then I'd be happy to
>> install and play with it.
>> qwerky
>> On 2019-07-23 14:20, Gabriel Dubatti wrote:
>>> Hi Qwerky,
>>> El 23/07/2019 a las 16:12, Qwerky escribió:
>>>> Hi.  When the main menu (or sub-menu of main menu) is open and an
>>>> item is highlighted, it seems that clicking the right mouse button
>>>> results in the item being executed, just the same as clicking the
>>>> left mouse button.  Also, no keys respond (apart from
>>>> navigation/selection -- up/down/left/right/enter/esc), including
>>>> the context-menu key.
>>>> My question is:  is there a way that I (or someone) could code up
>>>> something so that right-clicking would bring up a context-menu for
>>>> the selected item, or a way that selected keys could be active when
>>>> the menu is open?
>>>> Second, also related to menus:  is there a way that I (or someone)
>>>> could code up something so that menu items could have an icon, such
>>>> as a check-mark, to the left of the item when the item is active? 
>>>> I did see some code linked from the wiki, which allowed this type
>>>> of functionality, but it seems that that package replaced the
>>>> entire menu system?  At any rate, its code was way over my head. 
>>>> And further, I believe that it required re-compiling, which can't
>>>> be done on Windows?
>>>> Failing all of the above, perhaps I could achieve certain things by
>>>> use of a dialog box.  Could someone point me to a good resource to
>>>> teach one how to create dialog boxes (GTK+??), that could be used
>>>> in TextAdept?
>>>> Thanks!
>>>> qwerky
>>> I've been making some changes to textadept.c for some years now to
>>> allow to check and gray menus and also draw controls like toolbars.
>>> You can check my github at .
>>> Unfortunately, I'm very busy right now and I'm afraid I can't help
>>> you if the documentation on the wiki is not enough for you.
>>> You can check it anyway. You may find something useful.
>>> Cheers,
>>> Gabriel
> Yes, you need to recompile to add the objects: toolbar, filediff and
> minimap to TA.
> You can cross compile TA for Windows using a virtual machine running
> Linux (I use Ubuntu Minimal 18.04, see
> for a guide on how to
> install it).
> I can send you the .exe tomorrow from work for TA 10.5 if you want to
> test it before going forward.
> Cheers,
> Gabriel
Thanks for much for your offer.  I don't wish to impose, and I'm really
not interested in getting involved with Linux (or in recompiling TA, for
that matter).  I'm attempting to learn TA and Lua, and to build some
modules/extensions to add some useful features, hopefully in a way which
is usable on both Windows and Linux without recompiling.  It's just that
I keep running into a wall.  :-)

Keep up the work on your code, though.  Perhaps you may be able to add
just a few of those features in a way which doesn't require compiling.  :-)


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