Re: [code] [textadept] History for TA

From: Qwerky <>
Date: Tue, 30 Jul 2019 11:48:35 -0600

Hello David,

On 2019-07-30 09:19, David Reimer wrote:
> Hi qwerky -
> Thanks for this! Sometimes the "Open Recent..." menu item gives me a
> list I don't expect :) so I thought I would try out this module. It
> looks promising, and it's nice to have those added features!
> One thing about installation: I found I needed (?) to tweak things
> slightly to get it to load properly:
> 1. Made "history" directory under my `/home/user/.textadept/modules`
> directory (I'm on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS at the moment);
> 2. Copied your "history.lua" file into it, and renamed to "init.lua";
> 3. Added `_M.history = require('history')` to my user's "init.lua" file.
> Then all worked as advertised. Thanks for sharing this!
> David

Thanks for the feedback!  You are right, of course.  The simple
instructions I gave were for those who have a 'common' directory for
common modules, and use that code from the wiki to automatically require
the modules in that directory.

But for those whose like to place each module in its own directory, I
believe that your steps are entirely correct, as well they should be,
since you are a much more advanced user than I. Thanks for providing
those steps for other users as well.  And I'm glad to hear that it works
correctly on Linux as well.

A question that your step 3 and '_M.history' brought to mind:  as a
relatively new user, I am somewhat confused by using 'M.function' or
'M.variable' in the module, as opposed to 'local function' or 'local
variable'.  What is the difference between the two?


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