Re: [code] [textadept] Required Modules

From: Qwerky <>
Date: Wed, 14 Aug 2019 14:55:30 -0600

Hi Mitchell,

On 2019-08-14 14:24, Mitchell wrote:
> Hi Qwerky,
> On Wed, 14 Aug 2019, Qwerky wrote:
>> Hi.  If the user init.lua requires a module [foo = require('foo')]
>> which has
>> a function 'bar', is that module and its function then available to
>> all other
>> modules?
>> So, in keys.lua, can one write 'keys.ab ='?  Or, does 'foo'
>> need to
>> be required in keys.lua, as well as every other module which uses
>> ''?
> It depends.
>> From your *~/.textadept/init.lua*, the statement:
>   foo = require('foo')
> defines a global variable `foo` that, from this point forward in
> Textadept's init process, is available to all code that comes after
> (including required modules). However, any modules loaded prior to
> that statement (such as *~/.textadept/modules/textadept/keys.lua*) can
> access global `foo` from within functions (not at top-level file scope).
> In your case for *keys.lua*, you'd probably need `keys.ab =
> require('foo').bar` since it's at top-level file scope and Textadept
> loads that before your *~/.textadept/init.lua*.
> I hope this makes sense.
> Cheers,
> Mitchell

Yes, it does make sense; thanks for a good explanation.  That fits my
experience, where keys.lua gave an error on that key binding /unless/
'foo' was required, even though it was required in init.lua.

What I am trying to accomplish, is key bindings within keys.lua, that do
not fail with an error when the module containing the function is not
loaded; they simply do not have any effect.

So, I tried a global variable within 'foo' (foo_loaded), and then in
keys.lua:  'keys[foo_loaded and 'ab'] =', so that if
'foo_loaded' does not exist, the key binding should do nothing. But this
also gave an error, even when 'foo' was required in keys.lua.

And, having to require 'foo' within keys.lua also gives an error when
'foo' does not exist; whereas when it is required in init.lua via the
/modules/common/ directory and code, there is no error when the module
isn't there.

So, a way to fail silently when a module doesn't exist, is what I'm
looking for.

If the binding 'keys[foo_loaded and 'ab'] =' is within a
function within keys.lua, then it should work?  So then the question is,
how does one get a function within a module, to execute when the module
is loaded?


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