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From: Qwerky <>
Date: Fri, 16 Aug 2019 17:05:05 -0600

Hi Oliver,

Thanks for the feedback:

On 2019-08-16 00:26, Oliver Jan Krylow wrote:
> 'package.loaded' is used internally by 'require'.
> So maybe by reading
> can come up
> with a way to adjust it to your needs.
Yes, I had already read this.  To adjust would require much more
work/understanding than my simple needs demand.  :-0
>> Also, to 'require' a module more than once in different modules,
>> caused an issue for me, when the module being required inserts an
>> entry into the main menu, in that the entry gets inserted twice when
>> the module is required twice.
> I am a little surprised here, because it was my understanding that
> require internally caches once required modules.
> So the code should only be run once.
> I might be mistaken, but could you show an example, that demonstrates
> the issue?

Yes, I agree, and that was my understanding also.  To demonstrate, a
very simple module, 'test.lua':

-- Test double loading.

local M = {}

local parent_menu =[_L['_View']]
local test_menu_position = 3

-- Initialize test on startup.
events.connect(events.INITIALIZED, function() M.insert_test_menu() end, 1)

-- Load test menu item.
function M.insert_test_menu()
   local test_menu = {'_Test Menu Item', function() end}
   table.insert(parent_menu, test_menu_position, test_menu)
   keys['cT'] = parent_menu['_Test Menu Item'][2]

return M

This is placed in my /modules/common/ directory, where it is
automatically required in my user init.lua.  Reset, and so far, so good;
one added menu item.

Then, place in keys.lua, the following 'pcall', an example of code I was
testing to avoid an error if the module didn't exist:

-- View.
local m_view =[_L['_View']]
if pcall(require, 'common/test') then
--  Some test key bindings.
--  keys['cT'] = m_view['_Test Menu Item'][2]

After reset, 'View' contains two '_Test Menu Item's.

Does the issue also occur for you?


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