Re: [code] Creating a slip box with textadept

From: juh <>
Date: Wed, 18 Sep 2019 17:28:37 +0200

After some further investigation I think that I only need two functions
in Textadapt to be happy.

I need basically 2 file creation functions that opens new files and
gives them a special filename.

Eg. if I open the file in textadapt and want to extend miy slip
box I want to have

1. a function that opens/creates a file with the following number: here
file "" or

2. a function that opens/creates a file with an incrementing number :
here ""

These two functions have to lookup the filename of the current buffer
and create the filename of the new file after testing if the filename is
already given.

These functions would create a slip box where the relationship between
the slips is reflected in the filename.

This seems to be a nice task for learning lua or textadapt scripting.

I'll give a try, but if someone has the solution at hand I would be very


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