[code] Is it possible to use Unicode characters for folding markers/buttons like in the Curses version?

From: David Tamar <david-tamar.att.outlook.com>
Date: Wed, 23 Oct 2019 20:27:14 +0000

The Curses version of Textadept uses Unicode characters “⊟”, “⊞”, “│”, “└” and “├” to display the folding markers and layout in the margin area next to the line numbers. I like this and I want to use the same mask for my GUI version of Textadept and display these characters instead of Scintilla's default 1-pixel-thick drawing which is barely visible with my dense DPI and resolution, even after doublin the margin size at [2], the drawing is very thin and it's hard to read + from - and see the lines, because they're very thin despite the given space for drawing. The Unicode characters scale well in weight with high DPI, so I prefer them.

So here's what I came up with so far:
"buffer.margin_mask_n[2] = buffer.MASK_FOLDERS"

MASK_FOLDERS and 0 are the only options I see. Even after looking in Scintilla's documentation briefly, it's not yet clear to me whether it's even possible or not to create a new mask made of Unicode characters. I wish to use the same exact mask that the Curses version does, I wonder if it's possible to reuse that mask in the GUI as it's more readable in high DPI.

Another solution I thought about was to instruct GDK3 to do output scaling on the Scintilla widget alone by 2x, so it'd just render those 1-px lines effectively as 2-px lines and everything would look right.

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