Re: [code] Textadept-curses for WIN32: Cursor/screen problems

From: Gavin Holt <>
Date: Wed, 26 Feb 2020 23:15:36 +0000


Many thanks for addressing these issues so quickly and so politely.

Apologies for not finding the margin markers for myself. I have gone
with an arrow and a "+" in my init.lua file:
    buffer:marker_define(buffer.MARKNUM_FOLDEROPEN, buffer.MARK_ARROWDOWN)
    buffer:marker_define(buffer.MARKNUM_FOLDER, buffer.MARK_PLUS)
    buffer:marker_define(buffer.MARKNUM_FOLDEREND, buffer.MARK_EMPTY)
    buffer:marker_define(buffer.MARKNUM_FOLDEROPENMID, buffer.MARK_EMPTY)
    buffer:marker_define(buffer.MARKNUM_FOLDERSUB, buffer.MARK_VLINE)
    buffer:marker_define(buffer.MARKNUM_FOLDERTAIL, buffer.MARK_LCORNERCURVE)
    buffer:marker_define(buffer.MARKNUM_FOLDERMIDTAIL, buffer.MARK_TCORNER)

I have edited my the term.lua theme to make yellow brace highlights -
problem solved.
    property['style.bracelight'] = 'fore:$(,back:$(color.yellow)'

The colours all look great - see indicator_braces.png.

Searching for the "ghost lines" I can usually reproduce white lines in
the following ways:

    1. Highlight a block of text and then backspace OR delete. This
will generate white lines however the selection was made.

    2. After pasting into Textadept-curses WIN32 (Alt-Space E P)
multiple white lines can appear.

    3. They appear on the command entry line - at the end of a
previously executed command.

    4. In my configuration I can also make a white line in a brand new
buffer: Press enter, white line in editable first character cell.

    Interestingly if I then call the buffer list it displays over any
white lines which remain visible when not overwritten.

    Sometimes I also see these white lines on the left of the normal
margin - below the EOF - possibly where line numbers have been

The reverse of the white lines, are dark lines in a block of
highlighted text - visible as irregularities in the left border where
the text abuts the left margin.

Hope this helps

Kind Regards Gavin Holt

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