Re: [code] Textadept Customization and Upgrades

From: Mitchell <>
Date: Wed, 11 Mar 2020 19:12:34 -0400 (EDT)

Hi Gavin,

On Tue, 10 Mar 2020, Gavin Holt wrote:

> Hi,
> The ability to delve into TA and make modifications is one of many
> appealing features, but I am getting concerned about how I will apply
> my Lua hacks to any new release.
> Wherever possible I have tried to make changes from my user/init.lua
> file. However, with many modules binding local functions I now have a
> list of edits that will need to be redone after
> installing/reinstalling.
> Q1. I would be interested to know how others have managed this in the
> past when new versions are released?

I have my own *~/.textadept/modules/textadept/keys.lua* that completely overrides Textadept's, so I just update it as needed. On my Windows box I use a mercurial repository that I update in-step with releases (I just copy binaries from release zips). Any small diffs to core are usually applied automatically without issue.

> Q2. Additionally, as customization is a key feature of TA are there
> any modifications to the core code which would make the process
> easier?

As Robert said, if you find yourself needing access to locals, ping me or the list and we'll see if there's a better workaround or just expose it via API. For example, the `keys.keychain` table used to be local, but someone else found it helpful to have access to.


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