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From: Mitchell <m.att.foicica.com>
Date: Tue, 31 Mar 2020 15:28:36 -0400 (EDT)


Textadept 11.0 alpha is released from https://foicica.com/textadept/CHANGELOG.html

This is a major release with potentially breaking API changes. Please see the Migration Guide[1] for updating from Textadept 10 to 11.

The biggest change is the switch to 1-based indices for buffer objects. Previously, they were 0-based. Also, an experimental set of "standard modules"[2] is now provided in the modules archive instead of just language modules. These include support for ctags, debuggers, file comparison, spell checking, language server protocol, and more. Feel free to report bugs and feature requests against these modules. Note that the session file format has changed and Textadept 11 will not read session files from Textadept 10 (on the other hand, user scripts can now save and load session data). Finally, "Find in Files" now has a cancellable progressbar instead of blocking the UI for seconds at a time before prompting the user to continue or cancel.


* Fixed `--help` command line option.
* Fixed Textadept API autocompletion and documentation on Windows.
* Fixed bug that regards lexer-specific snippet files as global.
* Fixed hangs on Win32 terminal version with
* Fixed issues with buffer z-order when switching between views.
* Fixed accidental clipping of first character in a snippet under certain
* Fixed C autocompletion error with typerefs.
* Fixed skipping of event handlers that come directly after one that was just
   run, but disconnected.
* Fixed bugs in the return values of `ui.dialogs.standard_dropdown` and `msgbox`
* Fixed `events.FILE_CHANGED` not emitting a filename.
* Fixed bug with pipes in `textadept.editing.filter_through()`.
* Fixed tab label display on Windows.
* Fixed bug in syntax highlighting with PHP, Django, and other lexers that embed


* All buffer positions, lines, and countable entities start from 1 instead of 0.
* Support more Alt and Shift+Alt keys in the Win32 terminal version.
* `textadept.editing.api_files` acts as if it already has lexer tables defined.
* `textadept.run.goto_error()` wraps searches now.
* Added snippet trigger autocompletion via
* Improved Lua API documentation generator.
* Localization keys in `_L` no longer contain GUI mnemonics ('\_').
* `textadept.snippets` functions no longer have a '\_' prefix.
* `--help` command line options are alphabetized.
* The Lua command entry can now run any `view` functions by name (e.g.
* Auto-pair, type-over, and auto-deletion of matching braces now works with
   multiple selections.
* Removed `textadept.file_types.lexers` table in favor of asking the LPeg lexer
   for known lexer names.
* Updated German translation.
* Changed `textadept.bookmarks.toggle()` to only toggle bookmarks on the
   current line.
* Removed '=' prefix in command entry that would print results; printing results
   has been the default behavior for quite some time.
* Replaced `buffer.style_name[]` with `buffer:name_of_style()`.
* Session files are now Lua data files; old formats will no longer work.
* Added `events.SESSION_SAVE` and `events.SESSION_LOAD` events for
   saving and loading custom user data to sessions.
* Removed *~/.textadept/?.lua* and *~/.textadept/?.{so,dll}* from `package.path`
   and `package.cpath`, respectively.
* Lua errors in Textadept can now be jumped to via double-click or Enter.
* `ui.dialogs.filteredlist()` dialogs have a reasonable default width.
* Renamed `keys.MODE` to `keys.mode`.
* Moved individual buffer functions in `io` into `buffer`.
* Event handlers can now return any non-`nil` value instead of a boolean value
   and have that value passed back to `events.emit()`.
* Lua command entry completions show images just like in Lua autocompletion.
* Align block comments by column if possible, not indent.
* Added per-mode command entry history which can be cycled through using the
   `Up` and `Down` keys.
* Added `ui.dialogs.progressbar()`, utilize it with Find in Files, and
   removed `ui.find.find_in_files_timeout`.
* GUI find/replace history Up/Down history key bindings swapped, mimicking
   traditional command line history navigation.
* The statusbar now indicates an active snippet.
* Updated to PDCurses 3.9.
* Experimental set of "standard" modules is provided in the modules archive
   instead of just language modules.


[1]: https://foicica.com/textadept/manual.html#Textadept.10.to.11
[2]: https://foicica.com/hg/textadept_modules

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