[code][textadept] URI_DROPPED - info about other files being dropped, or extra events?

From: Procházka Lukáš Ing. <LPr.att.pontex.cz>
Date: Tue, 05 May 2020 16:07:45 +0200

Hello Mitchell,

is there a way to be informed which (all) files are being dropped during "events.URI_DROPPED"?

Something like:

events.connect(events.URI_DROPPED, function(file, all_files)
   --                                              ^^^^^^^^^ ---- To be added here
   -- Do something here
After a buffer has been created (which occurs also on file dropped), I run a content explorer.
However, when more file are being dropped, I'd like to run the explorer only for the last file being dropped (it may take some time to parse the file, which grows when more files are to be open), explorer to be skipped for all preceding files.
Or to add some other events - something like:
events.connect(events.BEFORE_FIRST_URI_DROPPED, function()
   -- My case: turn off content explorer
events.connect(events.URI_DROPPED, function(file)
   -- My case: Remember the 'file' being dropped in a variable
events.connect(events.AFTER_LAST_URI_DROPPED, function()
   -- My case: turn on content explorer, run it on last file dropped
Best regards,
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