[code] [textadept] buffer.move_extends_selection is read-only?

From: Nate Dobbins <nated.att.posteo.net>
Date: Wed, 13 May 2020 13:41:00 -0500


I'm pretty new to Textadept so there's a pretty good chance I'm just
doing something wrong or misunderstanding the API.

When trying to set buffer.move_extends_selection to true, I'm getting
the error "bad argument #3 to '__newindex' (read-only property)". If
this API is indeed intended to be read-only, is there a different
function akin to goto_line_extend or goto_pos_extend?

Bonus newbie question: when using ui.command_entry.run, and then
exiting the prompt, keys.mode is getting set to nil rather that what
it was before starting the command entry. Is there an event I can
connect to for exiting command entry to reset my keys.mode?

Thanks a ton for Textadept, I'm loving it so far!


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