Re: [code] Markdown lexer

From: Alexander Misel <>
Date: Fri, 26 Jun 2020 05:02:53 +0000

Hi Mitchell,

Thanks. Your modification really simplified the code span rule. However when I tested it with, I spot a code span that highlighted not as desired, although it seemed to be missing a close delimiter in syntax.

Here in view.brace_bad_light_indicator, the highlight should not continue to "Paramters" and the rest of the content, since "Parameters" starts a new block, and "Indicators of block structure always take precedence over indicators of inline structure." (ref:
<a id="view.brace_bad_light_indicator"></a>
### `view.brace_bad_light_indicator`(*view, use\_indicator, indicator*)

Highlights unmatched brace characters with indicator number *indicator*, in
the range of `1 to `32`, instead of the
`view.STYLE_BRACEBAD` style if *use_indicator* is `true`.

Using back reference would gracefully at least prevent match a blank line inside a code span. It depends on you whether to keep simplicity or use back reference like my code.

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