Re: [code][textadept] New keybinding syntax

From: Robert Gieseke <>
Date: Wed, 1 Jul 2020 18:42:12 +0200

On 01.07.20 18:39, Mitchell wrote:
>>> Are you trying to have one key sequence string that can apply to all platforms? If I want a single key setting for all platforms, I use this form:
>>> keys[CURSES and 'meta+.' or OSX and 'ctrl+.' or 'alt+.'] = ...
>> Basically i was hoping to have that simplified ... but i might be wrong
>> and "Option (Alt)" can be used in TA on Mac.
> Option+Letter generally does not work, but Option+Symbol (e.g. Esc, arrows, Tab, Function keys, etc.) do, and Textadept uses these bindings.

I rest my case then! These are probably also needed for compatibility
with default macOS key bindings for cursor movement ...


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