[code] Re: [PATCH textadept] Added a filetype for Fennel

From: Momohime Honda <hondamom.att.yandex.com>
Date: Wed, 1 Jul 2020 23:35:06 +0300

On Wed, 1 Jul 2020 09:55:12 -0400 (EDT) Mitchell wrote:

> In addition to detecting file type for fennel, I'd also like to have support in `textadept.editing.comment_string`, `textadept.run.compile_commands` (if applicable), `textadept.run.run_commands`, and `textadept.run.error_patterns`.

I'll just list those here, instead of sending another patch.
It will probably be easier for you to review.

textadept.editing.comment_string.fennel = ';'
textadept.run.run_commands.fennel = 'fennel %f'
textadept.run.error_patterns.fennel = {'^Parse error in (.-):(%d+)','^Compile error in (.-):(%d+)'}

I didn't list a compile_commands entry because Fennel doesn't require a compiling step.
It has a --compile option, but it outputs Lua code to stdout, and the following didn't work for me:

textadept.run.compile_commands = 'fennel --compile %f > %e.lua'

I think it's okay to omit compile_commands, as with Fennel compiling is not an intermediate step,
but more like packaging. Something you do once you are ready to release, and you don't want to burden
users with installing the Fennel "runtime".
Naturally, it doesn't happen often, and not having a shortcut for it is not a loss.

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